Floating Wetlands Launched in Ghent

Michael Berg launched the first residential floating wetland today.  A Norfolk family welcomed the installation in a koi pond behind their home.  The floating wetland was planted with flag iris and Spartina alterniflora, and flotation was provided by plastic bottles recycled from the Lafayette River.  Michael artfully incorporated the bottles into what turned out to be a very lovely design.

As you will see from the photographs, a residential floating wetland not only helps with water quality, but it also provides needed habitat for fish.

Many thanks to the host family for enabling this initial test of Michael’s design.  The Partnership will work with them over the summer and next winter to support new plantings and to monitor the life of the new “wetland”.  We will also be working with at least two additional homeowners on potential installations in brackish water.


Click the right side of the image to scroll through the gallery of installation photos from this inaugural residential floating wetland in Norfolk, Va.